Instrument Development for Fluorescence lifetime Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry can be adapted in many ways to measure the fluorescence lifetime.


Picture1.pngPhotograph of an acoustic-focusing flow cytometer under development for time-resolved analysis



Below is a list of ways in which our laboratory has (past & present) been developing techniques to easily, sensitively, and with high resolution, measure fluorescence dynamics at the throughput of a flow cytometer.

  • Frequency domain (analysis of average lifetime as parameter)
  • Frequency domain (sorting based on average lifetime)
  • Frequency domain (analysis of multiple lifetimes using multi-frequency)
  • Frequency domain (analysis of phase and modulation lifetimes for phasor graphing)
  • Frequency domain (sorting cells based on a phase-filtering approach)
  • Frequency domain (analysis of very short lifetimes by leveraging aliased frequencies higher than Nyquist)
  • Hybrid time domain (analysis with capture of full decay kinetics)
  • Non-frequency or time (analysis of average lifetime based on cytometric peak-to-peak analysis)